JCPenney Friends and Family Sale Dates 2024

by Sami

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Figuring out the JCPenney Friends and Family sale dates for 2024 can be tricky, but I can keep you up to date with all the information I have here…

JCPenney Friends and Family Sale Dates

The JCPenney Friends and Family Sale Dates 2024 calendar is ever-changing, but we still have ways for you to save today!

JCPenney Mystery Sale

It’s not called the JCPenney Friends and Family Sale, but the savings are the same! From December 7-14, use the code UNWRAP30 to save 30% off your JCPenney online purchase.

Arizona Jean Co.

To be honest, we hadn’t shopped at JCPenney for quite a while (even though we knew they’d gone through some rebranding…remember those clever commercials with Ellen?). Then we started finding a certain brand of jeans when shopping the Goodwill half-price Saturday sales that fit my daughter really well (Arizona Jean Co).

After doing some research, we discovered Arizona Jean Co was the in-house brand of JCPenney! We loved that they offered half and plus sizes to make jeans easier to fit.

Though we initially shopped JC Penney for her, we’ve since found surprisingly stylish shirts for men, as well as some great basics for me, including leggings and workout gear.

JCPenney Sales

While I can never recommend paying full-price at any department store, JCPenney sales happen frequently and when you combine a deal like the JCPenney Sale discount code with their price cuts, you can end up with some great deals.

JCPenney Friends & Family Dates

JCPenney Friends and Family Sale 2020

These JCPenney Friends and Family Sale Dates happen about once a quarter, so I’ll continue to update you as more pop up. Sometimes stores will open early for these events or offer Doorbuster Deals as well. 

The JCPenney Friends & Family sale is happening now, but I have all the details are above. We already can’t wait for the next JCPenney Friends and Family Sale.

If I hear about more of the specific deals being offered during the upcoming JCPenney Friends & Family Sale, I’ll update this post (or if you hear of any great deals, please post them below!)

Free JCPenney Portrait

Of course, if you’re also a fan of free JCPenney portraits, you can also get a free 8×10 portrait when you use the code 1FREE8x10 or use the coupon below from


You’ll also get free shipping to ANYWHERE when you spend over $99 and you can have your items shipped to the store for free when you spend over $25. You can also return times you buy online to the store, saving you money on return shipping costs.

JCPenney Friends and Family Sale Dates 2023

Where to shop:
When: 2024
Savings: extra 30% off
Online Discount Code to use: FAMILY9 or UNWRAP30

jcpenney promo code email

Code not working? You can save 25% off your purchase (just about) anytime with this JCPenney promo code when you sign up for email alerts.

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