Annie Downs Interview: Be Brave

by Sami

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My Annie Downs interview from The Sami Cone Show reminded me why I love Annie so much. In a time when we could easily laugh and cry in the same day, Annie brought the real while making us smile.

Annie Downs Interview Be Brave YouTube Cover

Annie Downs Interview on The Sami Cone Show

While I couldn’t interview Annie on the set of The Sami Cone Show this month, we still got to see #alwaysAnnie, aka the Annie we all know and love.

Whether you only know Annie F. Downs from her multiple books or you’ve known her for over a decade like I have, you know she is the same in all situations.

“You’re already braver than you think!”

~ Annie F. Downs

In a time when we have to self-quarantine and stay at home, bravery looks slightly different. Nonetheless, Annie reminded us that we are all braver than we think and we just have to take one step in the right direction to show courage.

Watch my full video interview with Annie from Episode 8 of The Sami Cone Show.

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