3 Practical Ways to Pray with your Kids

by Sami

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I always get asked advice on how to pray with kids. Giving our kids tangible ways to talk to a seemingly intangible God makes prayer personal for them. Here are just three practical ways to get them started until they feel comfortable enough to venture out on their own prayer path:

  1. Pray/Sing God’s Word back to Him

    One of the best ways to pray, regardless of whether you’re young or old, is to pray and/or sing God’s Word back to Him. A great resource for this is 100 Prayers, 100 Praise Songs by Stephen Elkins or by putting scripture to music.

  2. Pray over Pictures

    Put pictures of family and your kids’ friends in their room on a bulletin board or on your fridge. Find a regular time to pray over them every day.

  3. Prayer Cards

    Take index cards and write categories on them for each day of the week for you and your family to pray over together. Here is just an example of what your week could look like:
    Sunday: church/missions
    Monday: Parents’ co-workers/neighbors
    Tuesday: Mommy’s Extended Family
    Wednesday: Daddy’s Extended Family
    Thursday: School friends/teachers
    Friday: Mentors
    Saturday: Friends who aren’t saved

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