Chrissy Metz’s New Children’s Book Empowers Kids to Pray

by Sami

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Chrissy Metz wrote a new children’s book, “When I Talk to God, I Talk About You” alongside her boyfriend, Bradley Collins. You know Chrissy from her starring role in “This is Us” and Bradley is a songwriter from Nashville.

“When I Talk to God, I Talk About You” Empowers Kids to Pray

Have you ever found yourself pouring over a children’s book, even when you don’t have young kids? That’s exactly what happened to me recently. I was honored to interview the authors Chrissy Metz & Bradley Collins to learn more about this project.

I love how the book goes beyond comforting kids to empower them, with lines such as:

  • “Did you know you can talk to God too?”
  • “Pray God guides you in all that you do, and blesses the ones who love you, too”

Illustrated by Lisa Fields, the pictures contain a powerful light throughout, not to mention that the animals help bring the words to life beautifully.

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“Prayed for This Day” Album

The duo also wrote and recorded a lullaby album inspired by their new children’s book called “Prayed For This Day”. This companion to the book is available on all DSPs.

I personally think it’s so brilliant that they created music to go along with the book. Is it weird that I find myself listening to these lullaby songs to calm myself down? 

Prayed for this Day album cover Chrissy Metz

“Singing is like praying twice.”

– Chrissy Metz’s Grandmother

Here are a few of my favorite tracks from Prayed for this Day:

  • When I Talk to God” has a hauntingly beautiful melody
  • Prayed for this Day” had beautiful lyrics that fit for a new baby, but also a love interest. I love when songs can apply to different people in different stages and places in their lives.
  • Send up a Prayer” reminds me of one of my favorite songs from Tarzan, “You’ll be in my Arms”
  • Things Change” showcases a beautiful melody as well
  • No Matter What” features country group, Runaway June

Instrumental Version of Prayed for this Day?

One of my questions for the co-author couple was if they could create an instrumental version for my morning devotions. They revealed the entire album came about because they started out to create instrumental tracks to play behind the audiobook.

Over winter break, words started coming out to go along with the music. A few weeks later, the album to accompany the book was born!

Chrissy Metz Bio

Emmy and two-time Golden Globe nominee Chrissy Metz stars on the award-winning NBC series “This Is Us,” winner of the 2018 and 2019 SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series and People’s Choice Award for “Favorite New TV Drama.”  Chrissy Metz is from Homestead, Florida. Chrissy recently released her memoir, THIS IS ME, which debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller List.    

Bradley Collins Bio

Bradley Collins is a songwriter and creative community advocate living and working in his native Nashville, Tennessee. Through a decades-long career spanning artist and songwriter development, music publishing, real estate, event production, and more, Bradley has worked to protect and expand creators’ rights alongside promoting responsible urban growth in rapidly-expanding Nashville.

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