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Stretched Too Thin Book: Half Off TODAY!


The Stretched Too Thin half price deal is back, so if you know a working mom, you need to pre-order this resource for her NOW. Stretched Too Thin Book Deal Book lovers and working moms rejoice: my friend Jessica N. Turner’s new book “Stretched Too Thin” is half off today only! I know, you’re used to reading this blog and …

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New Illustrating Bible Reviews: Too Expensive?


Have you seen the new Illustrating Bible yet? This ingenious creation allows creatives to have more space to journal and doodle alongside God’s Word, but with a new twist (which I’ll get to in a minute). But since this is such a new, hot product, I thought I’d collect as many new Illustrating Bible reviews into one place so you …

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Happily Ever After Can Start Today {Beyond the Castle}


Some people dream about magic; Jody Dreyer has lived it. Jody (or Jody Jean as she affectionately became known as in college) spent three decades working with the Walt Disney company…if you can call it work. But in a recent conversation, she was also quick to share that happily ever after can start today and the magic really isn’t magic either: …

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