The Daily Dash: August 31, 2018 {Most Effective Natural Deodorant}

by brenna

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Never perform the sniff test again after this…

The Daily Dash: August 31, 2018 {Most Effective Natural Deodorant} type:A

* 5-hour tribute concert in honor of Aretha Franklin held in Detroit last night ahead of her funeral today
* At least 7 killed in NM truck/bus crash
* McCain’s casket arrived in DC, becoming just the 31st person to lie in state in the national rotunda
* Serena & Venus Williams face off in the third round at the U.S. Open tonight
* National Grief Awareness Day

Reflecting His peace is proof that you are right with God ~ Oswald Chambers

Have you ever had to do the “sniff test”? As someone who switched to natural deodorant awhile ago to clear up some skin issues and improve my overall health, it (unfortunately) became a regular part of my daily routine.

I can’t say I’ve tried them all, but I FEEL like I’ve tried them all (even the ones on Shark Tank!). I’ve spent a lot of money on boutique brands and even found cheaper versions at places like Walmart, but I’ve always run into a few problems:

  • Some would work, but would cause a rash because I discovered I had a reaction to baking soda under my arms
  • Some would work for a while, but then their effectiveness would quickly wear off
  • Others were OK, but a hassle to apply and not easy to travel with

But I finally think I’ve finally found the natural deodorant for me…type:A!

This high-performance deodorant is 100% safe, made entirely of natural and safe synthetic ingredients. Their unique sweat-activated formula creates a time-release effect, which allows them to use a lower concentration of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), so type:A glides on smooth and won’t irritate your skin.

Plus, their 100% non-toxic formula is aluminum-free and comes in a tube, so it swipes on just like a stick. Yes, you heard me: you squeeze so you see a few dollops appear, but then you swipe like a stick.

I’m not exaggerating: I had become so frustrated with finding a natural deodorant that I switched to just coconut oil and lavender essential oil, but my kids LITERALLY BEGGED ME to go back to a regular deodorant because they would smell me when then hugged me. That has not happened since switching to type:A!

Plus, it comes in two “scents”:

  1. THE VISIONARY, which is clean, crisp, citrus scent (powered by essential oils)
  2. THE MINIMALIST, which is fragrance-free

You can get either scent or on Amazon here (affiliate link):

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