Four Daily Rituals for Achieving Glowing Skin from the Inside Out

by Sami

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If your skin is feeling dry, tight, or even puffy, the root may be more about what you’re putting IN your body rather than ON your skin…

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4 Daily Rituals for Glowing Skin

Geri, an Esthetician, Nutritional Skin Expert, & Founder of GERi G.®, suggests the following four daily rituals for achieving glowing skin from the inside out:

1. Eat To Sleep

  • Timing is everything. We schedule feeding times for babies why not as adults? 
  • Benefits for keeping an eating schedule.  
  • What to eat and when.

2. Water to Flush & Function (Water and Movement)

  • Water helps flush toxins and hydrates the cells.
  • The body needs water to survive.  Every function of the body uses water.

3. Don’t over exercise

  • Overexercising raises cortisol which causes sugar burn not fat burn.
  • Fat burn releases fat and toxins that make us unwell.

4. What to Eat for Stronger Skin

  • It’s not about what you can’t have.  It’s about what you need. 
  • Focus on nutritional benefits of foods.
  • Limit ALL types of sugar when preparing meals.

Get all the details by watching my interview with Geri G from the January 2023 episode of The Sami Cone Show:

Call 615-538-7173 and mention “SAMI CONE” for a Complimentary Skin Analysis Consultation at Geri G’s Franklin location.

Learn more about Geri and her incredible offerings at

“Geri is your skin’s secret weapon.”

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