Despicable Me Costume DIY Ideas for the Family!

by Sami

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This year for Halloween, our kids ultimately decided on a Despicable Me costume family theme…but finding Despicable Me costume DIY ideas was next to impossible!

Of course, there were no shortage of Despicable Me minion costume ideas, but our kids we specific:

*Our daughter wanted to be Agnes
*Our son wanted to be Dave the Minion (yes, he specifically said Dave)
*They wanted daddy to be Gru (of course)
*They wanted me to be Lucy (from Despicable Me 2)

The only Despicable Me family costume photo we found had the mom as Vector, and that wasn’t going to cut it, especially on our budget.

Of course we found costumes online, but they were around $40 each (no way I was paying that!). I did call one of the party stores to see if I could just buy Agnes’ wig, but the manager informed me that Agnes was their most popular request BY FAR this year, and if they had anticipated that better, they could have made a landfall! Who knew?

So while it turns out we weren’t alone in our desire, it looked like we were alone in our ideas…

After much research, Goodwill hunting and yes, even sewing on my part, we ended up with some bang-up Despicable Me costumes (if I do say so myself).

For those of you more interested in the destination than the journey, here’s the end result:

Despicable Me family costume ideas DIY

Over the coming days, it’s my hope to get specific instructions up here for each costume (but secretly I’m just hoping to get it up before next Halloween!).

Honestly, while we spent much more time on these costumes than we’ve ever spend before on the holiday, we had the most fun ever! We especially had a great time getting to show off our hard work at the Sandestin Baytowne Wharf Halloween event and fireworks. (And yes, that is my daughter’s actual hair!)

Have you ever done a family costume for Halloween?

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Cerise November 4, 2013 - 8:23 pm

Those turned out great! Love them.

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