Extreme Couponing Store Coupon Policy: Talk of the Town 10/4

by Sami

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In light of the launch of TLC’s Extreme Couponing, there have been a TON of store coupon policy changes. So for those of us who are simply trying to put more money in our family’s budget every week by using coupons, I’m breaking down the new policies for you today (10/4) on Talk of the Town.
talk-of-the-town-samiWatch the video of today’s Talk of the Town show:

In general, most stores still:
*Accept one manufacturer’s coupon & one store coupon per item (except Kroger)
*Reserve the right to limit quantities purchased
*Limit the number of coupons you can print online to two

Most stores will not:
*Accept “free” item internet coupons, or copies of internet coupons (each have individual bar code).
*Let you combine digital/internet with paper coupons
*Give you money back or take more money off than the value of the actual product

Here are some things to keep in mind for each individual store (keep in mind that these apply to the Nashville area – check with your local store to verify their coupon policy):

Kroger Coupon Policy

-policies vary by region, but ours no longer take competitor coupons because of their “already low prices”
-they’re moving to eCoupons – your eCoupon will over-ride the manufacturer’s coupon because the register sees it first.
-Doubles manufacturer’s coupons up to $.50 every day
Read the Kroger Coupon Policy online

Publix Coupon Policy

-Does not explicitly limit # of items purchased, but reserves right to.
-Can call ahead if you know you want to make a large purchase and have them order more of a certain product.
-Only competitor coupon they accept is for Kroger.
-Doubles manufacturer’s coupons up to $.50 every day
Read the Public Coupon Policy online

Harris Teeter Coupon Policy

-limit of 3 like items per purchase (2 of same internet coupon)
-Doubles manufacturer’s coupons up to $.99 every day
-Often has Super Double & Triple Coupon events
Read the Harris Teeter Coupon Policy online

Whole Foods Coupon Policy

-find store coupons online or in store in Whole Deal
-Can get money back still if you bring your own bags or your own containers for bulk items.
– Has 100% Satisfaction Policy
Get Whole Deal coupons online

-Only accepts their own coupons (read each for purchase limit)

I’ll be filling this in with individual drugstore policies as well, but just keep in mind the general rules mentioned at the beginning of this post.

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