Family Life Marriage Cruise Day 3 Video Journal

by Sami

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We’re back with our Family Life Marriage Cruise Day 3 video journal!

Family Life Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise Day 3 Video Journal


In case you missed it, you’ll want to watch our Family Life Marriage Cruise Day 1 & Day 2 video journals here first.

The 2014 Family Life “Love Like You Mean It” Marriage Cruise took place February 10-14, 2014. I had the privilege of being the official blogger for this year’s cruise, which basically meant that I had the pleasure of not only experiencing all the cruise had to offer and then coming back and sharing our first hand experiences with you.

Day 3 was REMARKABLE!!! Not only did we finally make it into the sun, this girl with a broken foot actually made it into the beautiful ocean waters of Grand Turk! Booyah!

Though we planned on just staying on board and lounging by the pool while everyone else went off on excursions, the lure of the turquoise sea was too much for me. You’ll have to watch the video for proof, but it was glorious.

Oh, and did I mention I made it down the water slide too? Yes, I know, saying it was a monumental day is probably a bit of an understatement…

We were LITERALLY the last people to get back on the ship (you never want to be THOSE people, and yet it was so hard to drag me out of the water (literally & figuratively ;). Luckily, everyone around and on board was so gracious and helpful. We made it just in time for another PACKED night of sessions and activities. Here’s a glimpse into our Day 3 video journal:

Come back each day this week to see a new Family Life #LoveLikeYouMeanIt Marriage Cruise video journal.

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