Opryland SoundWaves Outdoor Water Features

by Sami

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After a long wait, the Opryland SoundWaves outdoor water features are now open. The SoundWaves indoor water attraction opened December 2018 and now Opryland guests can enjoy all 4 acres of water features, dining and amenities.

opryland soundwaves outdoor water features

Opryland SoundWaves Outdoor Water Features

Y’all, the moment is here! I’ve already shared my SoundWaves indoor water attraction review, but now I can finally reveal the news about the 106,000 square feet of the outdoor section. The Opryland SoundWaves outdoor “waterpark” originally opened to guests on Friday, May 17, 2019. (Gaylord avoids using the term waterpark because SoundWaves is truly so much more than what you typically think of when you have a waterpark).

So what exactly sets the outdoor section of SoundWaves apart from other outdoor waterparks? Let me explain.


SoundWaves Outdoor Attractions

The same relaxation, fun and luxury everyone has come to expect with SoundWaves indoor section can now be expanded upon outside! While Nashville has other outdoor waterparks and park district water slides, nothing can compare to the SoundWaves outdoor attractions:

  • Rock’N Racer – Four lanes of riders race each other through tight 360º loops to see who finishes first. (And bragging rights can be proven with a leader board at the bottom that shows who won. )
  • Beat Drop – The floor drops and riders plunge down a near-vertical tunnel to enter a looping waterslide.
  • Bass Drop – An extreme high-speed, open-flume body ride is a six-story free-fall into 6 feet of water.
  • Tidal Track Wave Pool – Waves come every 10 to 15 seconds on this beach that goes out to 6 feet deep, complete with a giant LED screen that can be viewed from the water or the hundreds of feet of shoreline.
  • Diamond Pool – This adults-only flat water pool area is for ages 18 and up only.
  • The Rising Stars Stage: a multi-level play structure is great for kids of all ages with its multiple small and medium slides, shallow water and spray features.

Of course, the delicious Opryland SoundWaves food I’ve raved about will make an appearance in SoundWaves outside too. In addition to the two poolside bars, Rhythm & Rhyme, you’ll also find two food trucks.

The SoundWaves Wave Pool Stage

One of my favorite features can be found bordering the SoundWaves wave pool: The Tidal Track Stage. Though you may find chairs and lounges by day, the alcove can be turned into a music stage at any given moment. Would you expect any less from a resort so close to the Grand Ole Opry?

High above the wave pool is a huge movie screen, which I know will be especially fun during SummerFest at Opryland.

SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Grand Opening

You can still watch my live coverage of the SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland Grand Opening Ceremony. Follow me on Facebook to watch the Facebook Live. The Grand Opening celebration featured the outdoor ribbon-cutting ceremony, as well as the Rock ‘N’ Racer for a Cause Celebrity Event benefitting Operation Finally Home. We also got a live performance on the Tidal Track Stage too.

I also shared a sneak peek from my SoundWaves Outdoor preview on my Daily Dash.

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