Family Life Weekend to Remember Discount Registration Code

by Sami

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Looking for a Family Life Weekend to Remember Discount Registration Code?

family-life-wtrIf you’re planning to attend the Family Life Weekend to Remember, we have a discount registration code for you!

We first attended the Family Life Weekend to Remember event years ago in Florida after I won a Moody Radio contest (shocking that I won a contest, I know ūüėČ We were so impressed by the amount of encouragement, inspiration and even challenge that we received, that since then, we’ve purposed to do one marriage conference a year to keep investing in our marriage…and the Family Life Weekend to Remember is still the best conference we’ve found! In fact, we’ve been volunteering with Family Life ever since to help encourage others to experience this life-changing event.

I know the registration fee can seem prohibitive to some ($318 per couple), but when you consider how much money people spend on the actual wedding, isn’t your marriage worth spending a couple hundred dollars on?

Well if that still seems too steep, then I’ve got a deal for you (of course I do!). If you register for the Weekend to Remember under our group name (Conex) during January 8-29, 2018, you’ll get over half off your registration!

That’s right, instead of paying about $150 per person, you’ll only pay $149.99 per couple!

Where else can you attend a weekend marriage getaway for that price?

There are literally dozens Weekend to Remember getaways getaways left all over the country and you can use our group name to get the discount on any getaway in any city!

Hope to see you at an event soon!

Family Life Weekend to Remember Discount Code

What: FamilyLife Weekend to Remember
When: Friday – Sunday throughout the year
Discount Code: BOGO through January 8-29, 2017 AND use our code CONEX
What you’ll save: Half off!

*If you’re a pastor, you & your spouse get to attend for free!

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