Finding God’s Life for My Will {The Daily Dash: August 8, 2019}

by brenna

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This book might turn you upside down…

Finding God’s Life for My Will {The Daily Dash: August 8, 2019}


* CA stabbing spree kills 4
* President visited El Paso & Dayton, though his words turned divisive
* Cruise ships banned from Venice
* International Cat Day


God is not working toward a particular finish – His purpose is the process itself ~ Oswald Chambers


Have I ever told you that we’ve known the Tenth Avenue North guys since they were in college? True story. They were actually the college group praise band for our church back in Florida.

Well, we’ve all grown a little older since those days and I’m so proud of what those guys have accomplished, not just in music, but in their lives. Their frontman, Mike Donehey, is not only celebrating their new album, “No Shame”, but he also just released a book called “Finding God’s Life for My Will: His Presence is the Plan”.

Both projects showcase the transparency and realness you’ve come to love and expect from the group. If you want to check either out, you can find them on Amazon here (affiliate link):

We all inadvertently find ourselves in situations we don’t plan on, so I pray you are flexible today.en tonight: that we are compassionate to those around us, especially those that are different from us.

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Finding God’s Life for My Will {The Daily Dash: August 8, 2019}

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