for King & Country Interview: Stay in the Tension

by Sami

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I interviewed the brothers at the front of for King & Country, Joel Smallbone & Luke Smallbone. for King & Country were the top winners at this year’s K-LOVE Fan Awards and undoubtedly one of the most popular acts in Christian Music today. But apart from all the accolades and awards, family remains at the forefront of everything they do

Even though I’ve known these guys for years, I’ve never had the chance to interview them on camera like this. Joel & Luke get candid about their family dynamics and how they’ve persevered to grow as siblings, husbands and musicians.

Watch our full interview below:

From award shows and concerts to dancing at Luke & Courtney’s wedding, these photos show just a bit of all the life we’ve lived together.

for King and Country Wives

If you didn’t love for these brothers enough already, you’ll love them even more when you get to know their wives. Joel Smallbone is married to Moriah (Peters) and Luke Smallbone is married to Courtney (Helm).

I’ve known Courtney since she was a teenager. We both lived in Florida and attended the same church. So to be able to both be in Nashville and see her with her own family now is such a joy.

Sami at the Dove Awards with Luke & Courtney Smallbone (back), Moriah & Joel Smallbone (front)

Not only are the for King and Country wives a constant support, often seen with the brothers on red carpets and at awards shows, they are both incredible singers in their own rights.

In fact, both of the wives have appeared in multiple for KING + COUNTRY songs and music videos, including the beautifully filmed Pioneers:

Luke & Courtney also recorded the incredibly moving song, “Without You” after Luke went through a serious illness that almost took his life.

Get More from For King & Country

The Smallbone brothers are not just working on new music, but have several other projects in the works. You may already know of their film, Priceless. The Smallbones are now working on a film detailing their family’s journey from Australia to the US. And guess who’s slated to play their father? You guessed it, Joel Smallbone.

Speaking of going behind the scenes with the Smallbones, their mum just released a new book, “Behind the Lights”, detailing her family’s extraordinary adventures and faith.

Find out where you can see more of for KING + COUNTRY on their website.

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