Gaylord Opryland ICE! The Polar Express Behind the Scenes

by Sami

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Come with me as I get a sneak peek of Gaylord Opryland ICE! featuring The Polar Express.

I get to walk through ICE! Nashville while the artisans finish carving the 9 different scenes from the movie. I also have an ICE Ticket Discount Code if you’re coming to experience ICE! in Nashville this year.

Behind the Scenes of ICE! featuring The Polar Express:

ICE Ticket Discount

Gaylord Opryland shares a number of different ICE! ticket discounts throughout the season (click the link to find my post featuring all the codes I’ve seen).

You can now use discount code VALUE23 to save 20% off your ICE tickets.

What to Wear in ICE!

Wondering what to wear in ICE!?

Keep in mind, EVERYTHING is carved out of literal ice, so it’s a chilly 9 degrees throughout the attraction. As such, you’re going to want to bring your own gloves, scarves, hats, etc so you can stay inside and enjoy the beauty as long as possible.

Gaylord does provide blue parkas for guests to wear while inside of ICE!, but I still recommend wearing a coat and dressing warm. Also, make sure to wear pants and closed-toe shoes if you want to go down one of the FIVE ice slides they carved this year.

9 Scenes from The Polar Express

You and your group will get to explore nine hand-carved scenes straight from The Polar Express. Please remember, THIS IS NOT A RIDE. You cannot walk on or climb on the sculptures (with the exception of the ice slides).

What you can do is walk around and through the movie scenes. You’ll also want to have your camera ready because it is very Instagrammable (aka, you can take lots of fun pictures).

I have found that cell phones are very sensitive to temperatures that low, so keep your phone in your pocket or in your gloves when not taking photos to make sure it doesn’t shut down while inside.

Do You Believe?

If you believe and want to make this Christmas season even more special with your family, you can now book your room at ticket packages at

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