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Get it in Writing {Family Money Minute}

Get it in Writing

June 15, 2015: Get it in Writing

Think there aren’t any guarantees in business? I have one for you coming up today.

Gone are the days when a simple handshake will suffice in a business deal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great deal anymore, you just have to solidify your facts.

Case in point: during a major purchase, the seller told me about a deal I could get at one of their partners since I bought something from them. I had him write down what it was, how much it cost and who I should talk to on the receipt.

When I went to the partner business a few weeks later, they told me the same deal cost about twice as much and that they didn’t even offer that pricing for their employees. However, when I presented the material in writing and informed them about the parties involved, they honored the original price.

It pays to be thorough!

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