Home Grown Tomatoes: My $30 Organic Tomato Gardening Adventure

by Sami

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Ever since moving to Tennessee, I was determined to have a home garden. However, this can be quite difficult when living in an apartment (and even more so when I’ve never gardened before, that is, aside from a few herbs and such).

So when I wanted home grown tomatoes, I went to my local depot store to ask advice for my tomato garden. I picked up a couple tomato plants, some organic soil and a few herbs to surround it.

Much to my surprise, the tomato plants grew so quickly that I soon had to return to purchase some wire cones to help stabilize them.

While I wasn’t completely diligent over the summer when it came to watering and tending my garden, I did spend a lot of time trying to cultivate these elusive plants.

Still, despite their plant growth, they produced no fruit…

That is until last month. I got so excited to discover my first tomato pop up in October! I went away for the weekend and returned home to discover three more! My hard work and $30 investment was finally paying off. Sure, at about $8.50 each (not including labor cost), these were expensive tomatoes, but at least it wasn’t for nothing.

*Enter freeze warning*

Me: “If plants freeze, do they die?”

Compassionate yet chuckling husband, “Uh…yeah.” (I think there was a “Duh” in there somewhere, but I pretended not to hear that part)

So I was forced to pick my precious plants well before their time. Here’s what I ended up with:


Britton-tomatoesLooks like I’m off to rent the Fried Green Tomatoes DVD to ease my pain and look up a good green tomato salsa recipe…anyone have one they’d like to share??? 😉

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