Homes of the Stars

by Sami

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Living in Nashville, there are quite a few tours featuring Homes of the Stars…I just never thought ours would be one of them 🙂

Ok, so maybe we’re not stars and we don’t exactly have tour buses stopping outside our door (yet).

It’s funny because I always feel like even though I blog, I’ve tried hard to protect a lot of our personal details…like putting pictures/video of our house online.

Well that’s done now!

The Cone Home is featured in Hillmeade Apartments
(Click on “Floor Plan” – “3 Bedroom” – “The Elmwood II”” – then the blue “Photos” icon)

Last month, I guess the Hillmeade Apartment office polled the maintenance staff and asked them something to the effect of, “Which home that you go into is consistently nice/clean/contemporary” – you get the gist. Our name came up several times.

Shortly after we were informed that they were re-doing their publicity photos and asked if they could use our home as a model. HA! Yes, I literally laughed out loud.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me since I’ve always said my husband is Martha Stewart and Bob Vila all rolled in to one body 🙂

So here it is, the Cone Home in all it’s glory! Come see us next time you’re in Nashville (we won’t even charge you for an autograph 😉 )

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