How to Cut Back on Energy Costs Before Winter

by Sami

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This is the perfect time to make a few simple changes in your home that could save you big money before the weather gets too cold. Allow me to teach you how to cut back on energy costs before winter.

Sure, there are bigger steps one can take to reduce electric and gas usage in the winter months. That being said, even implementing a few of the tips below will help save money.

how to cut back on energy costs before winter

7 Tips to Save Energy During Cold Weather

These are my top 7 tips to save energy during cold weather:

  1. Get an advanced power strip
  2. Use smaller appliances
  3. Install a smart thermostat
  4. Open up curtains
  5. Use the delay button
  6. Insulate & air-seal
  7. Use portable heaters

How to Cut Back on Energy Costs When It’s Cold

Let’s break down what each of these energy-saving costs look like. Like all my money-saving tips, it’s always better to do these things BEFORE you need them to avoid paying a premium at the last minute.

Get an Advanced Power Strip

Get a power strip and plug-in electronics like your computer. First of all, this protects electronics during storms. suggests using advanced power strips to help reduce vampire loads, the electricity that is wasted when electronics are plugged in but not in use. Finally, power strips make it easier to turn off infrequently used electronics, like DVD players.

Also considering swapping out old light bulbs for smart bulbs or LED bulbs. They last longer so you wont have to replace them as often.

Use Smaller Appliances in the Kitchen

Make use of smaller appliances when cooking. For instance, use an electric kettle to heat up your water for tea. Reach for an air fryer when reheating leftovers or cooking single servings.

Find 25 Small Kitchen Appliances Under $20

Install a Smart Thermostat

Switch to a smart electronic thermostat. The temperature stays regulated, plus you can control it even when not at home.

In addition to regulating the temperature more effectively, smart thermostats can make adjustments based on your daily routine. You’ll also receive alerts and notifications, such as when to change your air filter and power outages.

Pull Back the Curtains

Unlike the summer months when you should keep curtains closed to keep rooms cool, you should pull open the curtains in the cooler months. Allow the sun to heat rooms naturally. Make sure to open up the blinds too.

Delay Larger Appliances

Did you know items like your washing machine and dishwasher have a delay button. Avoid using larger appliances like these during peak energy times. Load them after dinner and then schedule them to run overnight or early in the morning.

Inulate, Insulate, Insulate

Fall is the perfect time to upgrade your insulation. It’s not to hot for workers (or yourself), plus you can save money on supplies before everyone is trying to do the same thing. If you cannot afford a full insulation installation, at least make sure you air-seal your doors and windows with weather stripping.

Portable Heating Units

Consider smaller/portable heating units for spaces you don’t stay in all the time. We keep two of these smaller heaters/fans to use in our home office or for guests on the other side of the house. That way you can stay comfortable in the less-used rooms of your home without heating up the whole house.

Pay with Budget Billing

Finally, ask your utility company about budget billing to set up more consistent monthly bills (some may even come to your home to complete a free energy usage audit!).

If you already know all the tips I mentioned above, take a look at how to conserve power during summer and do the opposite.

I shared these tips on the October episode of The Sami Cone Show and on Talk of the Town.

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