How to Eliminate Entitlement and Cultivate Compassion in Your Kids & Teens

by Sami

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Compassionate kids don’t happen automatically. On Talk of the Town, I discussed how to effectively model compassion within the walls of our homes so we can launch our kids into adulthood without a sense of entitlement and with a heart to help others:

* Help your kids uncover their talents and passions – ask younger kids to draw what they love; have older kids take a personality/skills test
* Find a Family-Friendly volunteer opportunity where they can make use of those talents
* Put them to work – Spread the word that your kids are looking for jobs through Facebook or apps like Nextdoor; this helps them discover the value of a dollar AND you can begin to teach them to SAVE & DONATE with their own money!
* Expose them to what life is like around the world for other kids THEIR AGE! Reach out to organizations like Compassion, World Vision or Operation Christmas Child to donate or volunteer in non-conventional ways.
* Finally, make sure to model these principles WITHIN the WALLS of your own home.
Remember, this isn’t a “one and done” method, but a journey that requires repetitive exposure.

To watch the video of the Talk of the Town TV segment, Click Here.

Talk of the Town July 2016

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