I Finally Finished Recording! {The Daily Dash: October 4, 2019}

by brenna

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After 15 hours over 3 days, I finally emerged from the studio…

I Finally Finished Recording! {The Daily Dash: October 4, 2019}


* Trump also called on China to investigate Biden
* MGM agrees to pay $800 million to victims of the Las Vegas shooting
* Triple Force Friday
* National Taco Day


Never dull your sense of being your utmost for His highest – your best for His glory ~ Oswald Chambers


I feel like I’ve been in a cave for 3 days, but I finally emerged victorious! That’s right, all the tracks for my audiobook version of Raising Uncommon Kids have now been recording. Now to just get them produced into a finished product for you 🙂

And I guess I’ve been getting my demographic wrong all these years – while I thought my message really reached middle-aged moms, I guess I’m a big hit with the under 13 crowd! For whatever reason, my son’s friends dig the Daily Dash and are now requesting to make special appearances, so who am I to dash their dreams?

While I may not have made a lot of sense in today’s video, it’s worth sticking around until the end to hear Eli pray peace over each of you!

As I mentioned, the boys chose to pray peace over everyone today and I couldn’t have asked for anything better to end today’s Daily Dash.

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I Finally Finished Recording! {The Daily Dash: October 4, 2019}

Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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