Introducing: Real Women

by Sami

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When you hear the term real women, what do you think of?

In society today, I feel like we are constantly being bombarded by images and accounts of “real” women who are anything but. Unfortunately, I feel this happens all too often in the online world as well.

In fact, I know more people who feel threatened by bloggers simply because they feel they cannot ever achieve the sense of perfection they seem to read about on their blogs as opposed to being encouraged by these women’s everyday lives.

On the flip-side, those of us to hide behind the screen and the keyboard often feel as if we have to live up to a certain standard instead of revealing what our real lives actually look like.

While I have prided myself in being very transparent with all of you from day one, there is still a lot you don’t know about me. Some of that is because I wasn’t sure if this blog was the proper place to tell all, but another part was simply in the fact of not knowing whether or not you or my family and friends really wanted to know, or could even handle knowing, all of who I am, who I’ve been and who that’s made me to be.

Two recent events have led me to believe that now would be the time to break down that barrier:
1. Our pastor, Pete Wilson of Crosspoint Church, started 2012 preaching a series with the tagline “free people free people, hurt people hurt people”. The line that truly got to me was that “if you’re past still affects your present, it’s not truly in your past”. At the end of that message, I turned to my husband and said, “I think It’s time for me to share some things on my blog,” to which he responded, “I think you need to.”

2. The idea of “real women” has been on my heart for a couple of years now and I thought it was meant to be a conference. It wasn’t until I spoke to a friend who works in women’s events and mention this to her that she said, “why not use your online platform and social media reach to create a community and a relationship with the people who are already reading you?” It was then I realized that I didn’t have to create an event so to speak, but rather just open the dialogue and see what develops naturally.

It’s for that reason that you will now find “Real Women” as a regular part of this blog. Not only will I be sharing deep from my heart, but will be interviewing moms, wives, bloggers and other women just like you and me to get down to the heart of what their lives are like and see how we are all connected.

You are going to be meeting a lot of different women from a lot of different areas of life, some coming from areas very different from your own.

The question is not whether or not you agree or disagree with who they are and the choices they make; the question is whether or not you will choose to learn from them and where they have come from.

I look forward to beginning this dialogue with you because that’s exactly what I hope for this to be – a dialogue between us.

That being said, are there certain topics you’d like us to talk about or certain people you’d like to hear from?

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