Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System Review: a 3-in-1 cleaning power punch!

by Sami

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I feel like we’ve done a pretty good job at simplifying the cleaning systems around our house.

We’ve taken out unnecessary cleaners under every sink and simply put the essentials on each floor. But the one area I’ve been left puzzled about is the kitchen…

It’s been particularly unsettling to me because even though I wouldn’t consider myself a total clean freak, the kitchen is the one area of our home that I expect to be completely clean and sanitized.

The only problem was that along with that compulsion came many cleaners around and under my sink: a hand wash, a dish cleaner and a surface cleaner. It got to where people would stop to wash their hands and not know which way to turn!

Ever since I bought a no-touch soap dispenser as a wedding gift a couple years ago, I’ve been intrigued by the concept. After all, if you have to touch the soap dispenser to wash the bacteria off of your hands, aren’t you just double contaminating? But that still didn’t solve my kitchen product confusion.

Well now with the new Lysol No Touch Kitchen System, someone has finally solved my kitchen product dilemma and discovered one solution for both a clean kitchen and healthy hands!

Lysol understood that the more cleaning products you touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen and thus the more germs you can spread on your hands (Just take take the Undercover Kitchen System Challenge and you’ll see in plain view what I’m talking about…I only scored a 4 out of 8!).

With the No Touch Kitchen System, there now exists an automatic, hands-free dispenser designed specifically to clean your dishes, kitchen surfaces, and hands, thereby reducing your exposure to dirt and germs.

We’ve been trying the sparkling tangerine scent in our house for the past few weeks and I have to say, I love the convenience (and the streamlined look) of only having one product on my kitchen sink. It’s also really helped to clarify what to use when I’m asking my husband or kids to help me clean up in the kitchen.

If I had to criticize one thing, it dispenses more liquid soap than I would normally use if I was pumping myself. I feel like this is going to make me go through it faster and not be as great of a value as if I had control over the pump amount.

I’m not sure why no-one came up with this little gadget before now, but I’m sure glad they figured it out!

For a chance to win a No Touch Kitchen System of your own with a year’s supply of soap, simply complete these two steps:

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