Knives Out Movie Review {The Daily Dash: November 18, 2019}

by brenna

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I saw a movie last week that I think you all need to see…

Knives Out Movie Review {The Daily Dash: November 18, 2019}

* Fallout from Prince Andrew’s interview over friendship with Epstein
* Colin Kapernik calls off workout
* Kayne West held “Sunday Service” at Joel Osteen’s church
* LA Rams beat my Chicago Bears in SNF
* Mickey Mouse’s Birthday & National Princess Day

Don’t give up because the pain is intense-get on with it; before long you will have a new vision & purpose ~ Oswald Chambers


Amidst the craziness that was my life last week (family issues, taping the Christmas special, attending the Blissdom conference), I got to preview a movie I ended up loving: Knives Out.

Knives Out is what movies used to be and I wish more were today. The cast drew me in to this, but the story kept me there. This modern-day ‘whodunnit’ pays homage to mystery mastermind Agatha Christie. Stars include Christopher Plummer, Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis. The character acting is second to none and the wit they’re able to accomplish amidst a murder mystery is genius.

My only cringeworthy moment was when Captain American (aka Evans) tells his entire family off. Is it enough to keep me from recommending it? No. Would I take young kids? No. Would I take my grandma? Yes.

In fact, I think this would make a great film to go see over the Thanksgiving holiday as you’re gathering with friends and family. Knives Out opens November 27 in theaters everywhere.

After just facilitating a class centered around mercy yesterday, I couldn’t help but have it be fully present on my mind today. One thing someone in class said that truly stuck out for me was that we cannot give something we do not possess. If you are not merciful, especially towards yourself, you cannot expect to be merciful towards others.

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Knives Out Movie Review {The Daily Dash: November 18, 2019}

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