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License to Chill

One thing I love about holidays is that it’s a license to chill.

By that I mean that almost everyone gets to take off work or school and no one really expects anything of you, except to rest and spend time with family and friends.

No deadlines.
No work.
No angst.

In fact, even if I do get work done, I feel like I’m ahead of the game (a feeling I rarely get to experience!). But more often than not, I relish in the opportunity to unplug so I can enjoy my family and discover new things about them.

These are the times that I learn my four year old son doesn’t care about what we do so much as he cares about how close he can be to me.

It’s when I’m reminded that my six year old daughter more often than not would prefer to be alone, but when she emerges, she wants me to gush over whatever she’s done in that time.

It’s in these times when I’m humbled that my hard-working husband (who gets so little sleep because he works for Starbucks) would rather forego sleeping in so that he can make a big breakfast for our family to celebrate our time together.

Too often, we now see holidays as an excuse for a day off rather than a reason to celebrate. Even if you don’t go out of your way to celebrate the specific holiday you get to skip school and work for (after all, I don’t think too many of us are having birthday celebrations for Washington & Lincoln today!), make it a special day in your own home.

Yes, rest, relax, and enjoy the day – but don’t miss the opportunity to make memories together as a family!