Luck, Preparation & Opportunity

by Sami

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. So naturally everyone starts conjuring up images of rainbows and pots of gold.

Others of us (who have food on the brain a bit more!) immediately start wondering when it’s acceptable to start eating corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.

Being from Chicago, my mind also drifts to parades downtown and turning the river green.

Even if you’re not Irish, chances are you’ve looked forward to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in one way or another. But regardless of what St. Patty’s Day stirs up in your own mind, there’s one topic that seems unavoidable this time of year: LUCK.

The “Luck ‘O the Irish” is infamous, and frankly, even those who aren’t Irish (or superstitious) hope a little of that good fortune will come their way!

While I can’t say I believe fully in this brand of “luck”, I can say that there’s something for finding yourself in the right place at the time…and then being prepared to take advantage of that moment.

Even Oprah herself seems to agree with me:
Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Take for instance my radio gig.

I was at the station picking up a deal I bought on the Discount Shopping Club Live show. It was the end of the day and the program manager happened to be walking out the door to go home. We introduced ourselves and for the next three minutes as we shared an elevator and walked out to the parking lot, I talked with him about why I loved their station, but also how I thought I could add a much needed component that was lacking in their programming.

I now host that very show 🙂

Was that luck? Maybe. But I prefer to think that I had been preparing myself for an unknown opportunity. Luck my have brought me to that moment, but skill and preparation helped me deliver once I was there.

Have you ever experienced a similar situation? Or maybe you simply had a good, old-fashioned lucky day recently!

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