Make Tyson Street Taco Kits with Me!

by Sami

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If you are looking for a quick and easy dinner for your family that’s easy to make, less than $2 a serving, ready to serve in 20 minutes, and high in protein, I found your answer: Tyson Skillet Kits.

I partnered with Tyson to show you just how easy it is to find and prepare these new meal kits. Follow along and make Tyson Street Taco Kits with me!

Tyson Skillet Kits street taco recipe video

You’ll find Tyson’s new Skillet Kits in the meat case section at Kroger (or get them delivered to your house from Instacart). I picked up the Street Taco Kit with Chimichurri Sauce at my local Nashville Kroger grocery store. Depending on where you live, you can also find the Hibachi Style Beef Stir Fry kit as well.

Tyson Skillet kits street taco and hibachi style beef stir fry

Tyson Skillet Kit Quick Facts

  • Great Value: each complete kit contains 6-8 servings and costs just a couple dollars per person
  • High in Protein: the Beef Taco kit contains 12g & the Beef Stir Fry contains 19g per serving
  • Convenience: everything you need comes in one package
  • Convenient and Easy to Prep: the entire meal only takes 20 minutes to prepare and cook
  • Quality: the highest quality and great taste you expect from Tyson Foods

If you’ve been hesitant to try meal kits because of the subscription process, Tyson eliminates that worry. Because their skillet kits are available in the Kroger meat section, you can have them on hand in a moment’s notice whenever your family feels like it.

Watch me Make the Tyson Street Taco Kit

The Tyson Street Taco kit comes complete with everything you need in one package:

  • marinated diced beef
  • corn tortillas, onion
  • cotija cheese
  • salsa verde

Watch how quick and easy it is for me to make street tacos for my family in the video below (the recipe starts at 1:25):

Tyson Street Tacos Cooking Directions

  1. First, get a medium skillet, add a teaspoon of your favorite cooking oil, and heat over medium-high heat.
  2. Empty the onions into the skillet and cook a couple of minutes until translucent. Remove from pan into a bowl for later.
  3. Put skillet back on heat and add another tablespoon of oil
  4. Remove marinated beef from package and cook thoroughly, about 8 minutes, breaking up as you go to prevent from sticking to pan
  5. Take pan off of the heat
  6. Open chimichurri sauce and cotija cheese
  7. Heat corn tortillas in a dry skillet or in microwave
  8. Layer two tortillas on top of each other
  9. Spread desired amount of sauce on tortilla and then top with beef, cheese, and onions.
  10. Enjoy with your friends and family!

Enjoy these tonight with your friends and family!

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