Real Talk with Mike Donehey: Solo Career, Life Transition & Being a Girl Dad

by Sami

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I have a real talk with Mike Donehey, Award-Winning Artist/Songwriter and Author, about his new solo career, life transitions, and what he’s learned from being a dad to four girls.

You won’t want to miss this attempt at a 100% sung interview with the former frontman of Tenth Avenue North and current solo artist.

We talk about life transition and a really big fight he had with his wife that led to a farewell tour turned COVID tour.

After all the band members retired and a pandemic happened, it helped him learn to flourish inside even when he wasn’t flourishing outside. Hence, his new project: Flourish.

He learned two big things :

  • To be where he is and choose where he is
  • To be interested in what his daughters are interested in

Full disclosure, Mike and I have known each other for over 20 years. I’m thankful for how candid he is in our time together and his willingness to go “off script” and talk about how he’s learned to open his doors and relate to those we wouldn’t otherwise come in contact with.

When you start talking to people that aren’t like you and you learn to take in their ideas rather than pushing your ideas on them, it transforms you: taking in the other instead of telling them about yourself.

Check out Mike on tour with Big Daddy Weave this year!

Mike’s interview originally appeared on the December 2021 episode of The Sami Cone Show.

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