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Nashville American Idol Audition

American-Idol-NashvilleIf you haven’t already heard the news, let me be the first to break it to you – Nashville is the site for the first American Idol Audition for Season 10!

Sure, I’m too old. Ok, so Saturday is my birthday. But should that stop me from joining the 10,000 who have already pre-registered? According to my husband…yes.

Well, for those of you within driving distance of Nashville and who aren’t turning the big 3-5 this weekend, head over to Bridgestone arena any time before 8am on Saturday, July 17th to get your chance to make your American Idol dreams a reality!

Here’s all the information on the American Idol Audition in Nashville – PLEASE let me know if you head down to Broadway in the next two days…I just think it would be so interesting to see what’s going on down there!