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On the road to Disney Social Media Moms Conference

The Cone family is on the road again…this time to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference in Orlando (obviously) from March 17-20. If you know me, this should come as no surprise since our family loves all things Disney.

We love the excitement before going, the way we’re treated when we’re there and then memories we take with us once we leave.
It’s for this reason that our family has always chosen memories over “stuff” – sacrificing in other areas so we could make trips like these possible (read more on this in my Tennessean article).

So when I learned last year they were starting a conference at Disney World for mom bloggers, I was beside myself! The only problem was that I learned about it around a week before it began, so I was out of luck.

However, I was not about to let that happen this year. What I didn’t know was that this wasn’t just something you signed up for – we had to apply. And not only did we have to apply, we had to compete with thousands of other equally excited hopefuls just to log on to the registration site at the appointed time on the appointed day! While I originally I thought my attempts were unsuccessful because I never received a magical email, I later learned  it was just my spam blockers that were hiding my magic ticket! (How dare they block Mickey!)

Needless to say, it wasn’t tough to convince my family to join me for this conference. In fact, we surprised the kids on Christmas morning with a big wrapped box with two balloons inside, one Mickey and one Minnie, that popped out when opened with a sign attached saying “We’re going to Disney World!”

Kariss with her new Ariel doll on Christmas morning watching the Disney Christmas Parade on TV

It’s seemed like forever since that day but now the Disney Social Media Moms conference is finally upon us. I can’t wait to share our adventure with you, but forgive me if it may be a little slower than usual…

After all, I am here in the happiest place on earth to make memories with my family đŸ™‚

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P.S. Disney’s theme this year is “Let the Memories Begin!” We shared our video from our surprise day trip on New Year’s to Disney World – check it out and share your own memories!