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Our kids model for the new Sweet Ceces Website

sweet-ceces-karissYou may remember this winter when Sweet Cece’s put out a request on Facebook for families and kids to model for the new Sweet Ceces website. Though I originally had just sent in pictures for the kids to model, they asked for the whole family to come on out to the Franklin Sweet Cece’s on Main Street!

Well, the new Sweet Cece’s website is finally here and guess who’s on it???

You can see Kariss on the Sweet Cece’s experience page (it’s the picture on the far left above..and that’s me in the blue dress in her shadow)

sweet-ceces-brittonBritton is at the top of the pictures on the Sweet Cece’s Toppings page, and his face is even sweeter than that frozen yogurt he’s holding! (Though I do love me some Original Tart and Pomegranate Raspberry sorbet swirled together!!!)

I want to wish each and every mom out there a Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so thankful for my little sweeties!