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Pfunky Griddle coupon Nashville Groupon Deal 2012

Looking for a Pfunky Grille coupon for one of Nashville’s favorite restaurants? Well, the Pfunky Griddle Groupon is back! This time, pay only $8 for $16 worth of food from the Pfunky Griddle!

You’ll pay just $8 for $16 worth of food…and it’s already a pretty good deal! If I remember correctly, you only pay about $6 for all you can eat pancakes plus one add in (think chocolate chips, fruit, Reese’s Pieces….)

Every table has a griddle in the center of it and you get to cook your own food. But not pididdly (yes, I said piddidly) food like when you fondue, but yummy, hearty food like pancakes, omlettes, potato cakes and French Toast!

I’m not a pancake fan, so I got the French Toast and Potato Cakes when I went for the first time and they were both delicious. Of course, for the sake of being fair, I did try a bite of my husband’s pancake and it was really good (especially with peanut butter and chocolate chips).

Ok, Now I’m just making myself hungry. Grab this Groupon and hurry over to the Pfunky Griddle!