Quaver Music Mondays Week 3: Duration & Pitch

by Sami

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Welcome back to Quaver Music Mondays on SamiCone.com! It’s week 3 and we’re studying duration & pitch this week.

Yes, I know, I know – it’s Tuesday…but such is life in the Cone Home 😉 It seems the minute I set a schedule in our house, something happens to derail it. But that’s ok, that doesn’t mean we’ve given up on our plan. So on that note (pun intended), we pick up Quaver Music Mondays today (If you really want to be technical about it, my kids still studied music with Quaver yesterday, but I just didn’t have time to actually post it on schedule 😉

This week, we really dug into the online world of QuaverMusic.com.

I’ve admittedly kept my kids off the computer more than most parents might at this age. Call it an aversion to screen time or call it mommy blogger syndrome (meaning the kids can’t play on the computer because mom is always on it)…whatever it is, I realized my kids need to start learning their way around the keyboard – hence my excitement for the Quaver Music Education system.


Now granted, I haven’t been around the online educational world for a very long time, but I have never seen an educational website that is so complete, easy to understand and fun to play along with! Quaver himself (in cartoon form) literally walks around the screen with you and points you where you need to go and what you need to do next. Of course, you can navigate without Quaver’s help…it’s just up to you.


I was amazed that after watching the DVD just one time, my 7 year old was able to play games where she successfully identified pitch, major/minor/augmented chords & note duration. One minute she was playing carnival games in EarIQ and the next she was writing her own sheet music on the Grand Staff with QComposer. Take a look:

I love that you’ve been following us along the journey. Remember, even if you don’t have the DVDs, you can check out these fun online activities at QuaverMusic.com this week:

Exploring Duration and Pitch with QuaverMusic.com
Free Activities:

  • Visit EarIQ, located behind the organ in Quaver’s Lab! Try the Clown Pitch game and see what score your kids can get. Then go to the Intervals Ball Toss and see who can get the highest score. Users can earn Awards by playing well!
  • Work through the Step by Step Helps in QComposer (located in the Studio) to prepare for putting pitches on the lines and spaces.
  • Try the QArcade game QMeasureUp to reinforce the durations of notes. This game (located in your Music Room) is a little tough for younger kids but would be a good challenge for older students!

Premium Features:

  • All music is created using different pitches so the best thing to do is learn a song! Hop the Metro to Quaver’s Disco Venue for just 5 QuaverNotes. Click Menu and then Music to open the Pop Music Boombox. Listen and learn the Disco Penguin Song and create a Disco Penguin dance.



What did your kids learn from last week? Do you feel QuaverMusic.com is a viable online resource for helping teach kids about music?

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