Quaver Music Mondays Week 4: Middle C & the Grand Staff

by Sami

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It’s week 4 of Quaver Music Mondays on SamiCone.com and we’re finally getting to meet Middle C & the Grand Staff this week.

If you’re following along each week, you’ll notice we took a week off last week. I got sidelined due to Tropical Storm Debby while on a blogger trip in Florida, so didn’t make it back in time for our weekly lesson, so we’re picking right up where we left off 🙂

I have to admit, this has been my favorite week thus far: The DVD is one of my favorites (both in terms of knowledge & entertainment), the lessons are very practical and the worksheets were exactly what we needed to drive the message home.

Take a sneak peek at this episode:

Our favorite worksheet actually laid out the keyboard on a piece of paper with the names of the notes on the keys! The ironic thing is that just the other day, our daughter was asking us how to play “Jingle Bells” and she was trying to sound it out by ear. Now, she’s been able to learn “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, “Jingle Bells” & “When the Saints Go Marching In”…all while driving in the back of the van!


Now some people may wonder why it took 4 weeks to finally learn about Middle C, but I think that’s the problem with many music education systems: they rush right in to teaching kids to play without laying the foundation and teaching the important of music theory that will be build on for the rest of their lives. It’s just one more thoughtful piece of Quaver Music that I appreciate 🙂

Of course, the DVDs really make Quaver Music, but even if you don’t have the DVDs, you can check out these fun online activities at QuaverMusic.com this week:

Exploring Middle C & the Grand Staff with QuaverMusic.com
Free Activities:

  • Go to the Studio and to QComposer. Click File – Open – QDo’s. Try QDo’s Level 1-01 through 1-03 to get acquainted with Middle C and the Staff. Carry on to use the Musical Alphabet to create a melody!

Premium Features:

  • Use 25 QuaverNotes to make your QComposer piece into an MP3! Then you’ll be able to find it in your Music Room Boombox.

Now I will say that my 6 year old tired easily of the QComposer – it was a little over his head to do on his own (he doesn’t have a great attention span!). If I had been right there next to him the whole time, I think he’d really get the hang of it, but I wanted to see what he could do on his own.



We’re now halfway through the summer and our kids have gotten a great musical foundation to build on. How do you feel your kids are progressing?


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