Rachael Lampa “Breakout” Award: Interview on Taking Center Stage Again

by Sami

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At the age of 20 and at the top of her career, Singer and songwriter, Rachael Lampa walked away from music. But her recent KLOVE Award win has put her back center stage and I can’t wait to share more of her story with you.

Watch my interview with Rachael Lampa where I ask her how it feels to be awarded KLOVE’s Breakout Single of the Year and retake center stage:

I ask Rachael the following questions during our time together on the June 2023 episode of The Sami Cone Show:

“Perfectly Loved” is my current favorite song on the radio. Is it crazy to be considered a “breakout” artist at this stage in your career?

What led you to step away from your record deal all those years ago?

What made you want to come back, first as a BGV and then as a solo artist again?

How has the experience and motherhood impacted your music?

What would you say to your teenage self that you hope your children will also listen to?

Rachael Lampa Wins KLOVE Award

Rachael won the 2023 KLOVE Breakout Single of the Year Award for her song “Perfectly Loved”. The single also features TobyMac.

Rachael discussed how the song originated as something she wrote for the young women she met and works with through a non-profit close to her heart, People Loving Nashville. (You may remember that I interviewed her brother, Ryan Lampa, on The Sami Cone Show previously about his work with that ministry).

Toby’s wife, Amanda, also volunteers with PLN, so Rachael said having him collaborate on the song with her was a natural fit.

Who is Rachael Lampa?

Singer and songwriter, Rachael Lampa, has seen music industry success since she was 14 years old with multiple #1’s, 7 albums, TV appearances and more, and years of touring with the top Christian and Mainstream artists.  At the age of 20, Rachael walked away from her record deal with both a feeling of burnout and a sense of curiosity after spending most of her teen years on a tour bus. 

Over the next few years, the Colorado-native-turned-Nashvillian continued to release music independently, appeared on NBC’s The Sing Off with other Nashville artists, and toured in a more “out of the spotlight” way as a background singer with Jordin Sparks and later with Hozier.

When did Rachael Lampa Return to Music?

During the pandemic in 2020, Rachael started to dream again and from what started as a conversation between a couple of friends at a bible study, new music was born. 

“I finally feel like I am making music out of a place of freedom, instead of striving. A lot of my identity was wrapped up in achievement and performance when I was younger.  Now I just feel like I get to do it because I enjoy it and I get to make music about things I care about and love.” 

Rachael’s Authentic Faith

She has said that the periods of silence were for personal searching, for identity checks, and to maintain a true and authentic Christian faith. “There have been some trying moments, but I knew eventually I needed to stop distracting myself and really lean into it.”

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