Honest Elemental Movie Review

by Sami

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Disney Pixar Elemental is Zootopia meets Inside Out with a touch of Cirque du Soleil vibe in the music. If you’re wondering whether this new Disney film is worth your time, allow me to share my honest Elemental movie review.

Honest Elemental Movie Review

Should you see Elemental? According to the group I went with, the quick answer is YES!

I’ll be honest. After watching the previews, I wasn’t so sure about this one.

The setting and scenery seemed to be ripped right out of Zootopia. The premise shared a lot of notes with Inside Out. So I was prepared to not be impressed. But everyone seemed to really like it.

Teenagers Approve of Elemental

Four of us were treated to a preview of the new Disney Pixar collaboration. I was joined by my daughter, her boyfriend and his mom.

Let me say, this movie landed big with the teenagers (18 & 19 respectively). My daughter loved several things about Elemental, namely:

  • the love story
  • the literal focus on the different elements of nature
  • the bigger conversations about society it started (race, class, stereotypes, etc)

Originally, I didn’t want Disney making me think too much in my movie-going experience. But it did bring up some important topics and I can see where it could create some great conversation starters with kids.

The Music of Elemental

Steal the Show” sung by Lauv literally stole the show for me. As soon as I heard it, I knew I wanted to add it to my favorite playlist.

I already mentioned much of the orchestration had the feel of Cirque du Soleil, which I love. Thomas Newman composed the Elemental Soundtrack and it turns out he’s worked on several other Disney scores as well.

While Elemental is by no means a musical, Disney fans will not be disappointed when it comes to the sound elements (see what I did there?)

Tons of Puns

As you’d expect in a Pixar movie, we heard puns galore. We even witnessed a literal “wave” by the water people during a sporting event.

And while there was no end scene (you never know!), they showed a ton of punny products they created branded to the different elements. For example, “Scorch” Tape instead of Scotch Tape.

New Pixar Short before Elemental

I don’t know why, but I totally forgot we get treated to a new short before each Pixar movie. To my sheer delight, this one featured Carl and Dug from “Up” called “Carl’s Date“.

As if “Up” doesn’t make me cry just by seeing the title, the thought of Carl going on a date with anyone other than Ellie had me grabbing for popcorn napkins before the tears even left my eyes.

I won’t give anything away, but let’s just say I can’t get enough of this duo.

Final Thoughts on Elemental

There were a few things I couldn’t support. For example, (without giving anything away) they made certain things work between the elements in some parts of the movie but not others.

Was it my favorite Pixar movie? No. But it was cute and everyone had a good movie night together watching it. Plus, anything that makes the teenaged kids happy is a win in my book!

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