Riding Bikes in the Snow

by Sami

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Before breakfast today I heard squeals of delight, only to learn that the snow predicted for tomorrow night had already arrived!

So what would any normal mom suggest? Of course, riding bikes in the snow!

Well, it actually started out as my daughter wanting to find her Alice in Wonderland shoes that were two sizes too small to complete an outfit for a play she was staging that morning, so she asked to head out to the garage. Once there, the kids promptly jumped on their bikes and created their own roller derby. In order to prevent injury, I suggested taking them into a more open space…hence the winter snow bike ride.

Before you get too skeptical, it was only a light dusting with no ice on the ground. We probably didn’t last more than 10 minutes, but what a fun 10 minutes it was!


Yes, he's still in his PJ's under all that!


You can't buy a smile like that!


Our dusting of snow in Nashville


She may look like a refuge, but at least she's warm!

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