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Save on the Ship Spa {Family Money Minute}

Save on the Ship Spa


February 12, 2015: Save on the Ship Spa

Think the ship spa is out of your budget? Think again!

If you tuned in yesterday, I told you one of the best days to take advantage of the ship’s amenities is when you are in Port. What I didn’t tell you was that this is also the best day to go to the ship’s spa.

Because most people want to get off the boat and explore, the spa typically is empty and will therefore reduce their prices as much as 50% or more in order to attract guests to stay on board those days.

The best way to take advantage of this savings is to either check with the spa the first day of your cruise or to look at the newsletter that comes in your room the night before arriving at Port and you’ll find any last minute spa deals they may be offering.


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