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Skip the Travel Upgrade {Family Money Minute}


Skip the Travel Upgrade

March 12, 2015: Skip the Travel Upgrade

Sure we all want to be comfortable when we travel, but at what cost?

Traveling can get expensive, so not only is it important to beware of hidden fees, but make sure you don’t sign up for any unnecessary upgrades either.

Paying for things like extra legroom, early boarding or even a bigger rental car can easily tack an extra hundred dollars onto your vacation. I understand you want to make your travel experience as enjoyable as possible, but I for one would rather be able to take multiple trips rather than spend all my money on just one.

And keep in mind, airlines, rental car agencies and hotels typically offer discounted upgrades on the day of travel if they have extra seats, rooms or cars available. I’ve even seen them bump people up for free simply for good behavior. So instead of pulling out your credit card next time to travel, just make sure to pack your smile first!


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