The Daily Dash: March 12 2015 {@VeggieTales Noah’s Ark}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, March 12 2015, new violence breaks out in Ferguson, MO while other optimistic news emerges from outer space…

The Daily Dash: March 12 2015 {@VeggieTales Noah’s Ark}

* 2 officers shot during protest in Ferguson, MO (Ferguson police chief to resign amidst scandal)
* 2 high-level Secret Service members under investigation after supposedly crashing into a White House barricade after a night of drinking
* Clinton considering moving up the roll-out of her 2016 campaign to April
* Soyuz Capsule lands after astronauts spent 6 months on International Space Station

Loving: I’ll admit, I haven’t watched the past few VeggieTales videos because, well, my kids are just getting a bit out of their target age range. But when I heard Wayne Brady and my friend Jaci Velasquez were part of their latest project, I had to check it out!  Noah’s Ark reminds families about the importance of trusting God.

Click here to purchase Noah’s Ark.

Here is a link to the trailer that can help you learn more about this classic bible story.

For fun activities, recipes and crafts related to Noah’s Ark visit here.

Learning: Been falling victim to the comparison trap lately – not consumed with jealousy, but more so with anxiety about all the things I’m not doing that I “need” to do. Listened to Joyce Meyer this morning and realizing that being consumed like that is really just a form of self-consumption rather than being God-focused.

Doing: Back teaching at Lipscomb today and prepping for a pretty big life change tomorrow (but I’ll share more on that then…)

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The Daily Dash March 12 2015 {@VeggieTales Noah’s Ark}

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Hope you make it a great day!

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