Speaking at APEX 2022 {Daily Dash: August 23, 2022}

by Sami

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I got to speak to an incredible group of students in Michigan today…

Speaking at APEX 2022 {Daily Dash: August 23, 2022}


  • Government is ready to step in to help solve air travel issues
  • Dick Vitale now cancer-free
  • Apple users should update their software ASAP to avoid security vulnerabilities
  • World Entrepreneurship Day


God produces in the commonplace something that is inspiring – Oswald Chambers


I’m in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan at a beautiful Young Life camp delivering the final keynote address for Apex 2022. This incredible group of motivated students with Unbound are learning to “Join the Story”.

I got to speak on the “Impact” portion of that message after they were already inspired and equipped by other speakers. So I wanted to challenge you to start where you are with what you can to share your story because your voice is valuable and needs to be heard.

Just as I taught the students I spoke to today to be a change agent where they are, I pray you make an impact in your world and around your community today.

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Speaking at APEX 2022 {Daily Dash: August 23, 2022}

Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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