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A Working Mom on the Go with a Hectic Schedule: How to Keep a Clear Head

As a working mom on the go, it’s tough to keep a clear head!  So when Mucinex® approached me about tips to keeping a clear head while balancing my hectic schedule, I happily accepted the opportunity. After all, I’m always getting asked how I do what I do. To be honest, I don’t think there’s a magic answer. I’m passionate. I’m driven. …

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A New Way to Travel with LEGO®: the LEGO® YouTube Channel!

If you’re the parent of an elementary aged child, there are four letters that, when built together (literally), I’m positive are very common in your house: LEGO®! I remember thinking just a few years ago, “What’s the fascination with LEGO®? Why are parents spending so much money on little plastic bricks?” Then my son turned 5… To be honest, there’s something …

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5 Simple Steps to a Healthier You this Year!

Regardless of whether or not you broke your New Year’s resolutions at 12:01am, you don’t have to chalk this entire year up to a health failure. To the contrary! I have 5 simple steps that will lead you (and your family!) to a healthier year. What I believe is important to remember is to focus on those principles that have …

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Top 3 Tips Brands Need to Know before working with Bloggers

I blogged for years before I knew there could ever be a business component to blogs. As someone with a Masters Degree in Communication Studies and a marketing background, I’ve always dreamed of having a job that would allow me the flexibility of working on the go, yet still have the ability to partner with brands to create something greater …

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Lysol No-Touch Kitchen System Review: a 3-in-1 cleaning power punch!

I feel like we’ve done a pretty good job at simplifying the cleaning systems around our house. We’ve taken out unnecessary cleaners under every sink and simply put the essentials on each floor. But the one area I’ve been left puzzled about is the kitchen… It’s been particularly unsettling to me because even though I wouldn’t consider myself a total …

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MapMyFitness Quaker Challenge Update

I’m one of those all or nothing kind of gals. When I find a new _____ (insert what you will here: toy, calendar, eating plan, tv show) that I absolutely LOVE, I go gang-busters. I pour myself into that thing, often at the cost of forsaking all else. While this can be beneficial (especially if it comes to my health), …

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The Cone Family Holiday Tradition


We’ve struggled for years in our little family of four to create the perfect holiday traditions. But the reality is, we’re more un-traditional when it comes to Christmas and the holiday season. Perhaps it’s because my husband almost always has to work on holidays. We used to pout and sulk that we didn’t get to lounge around in our pajamas …

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Lego Board Games: A Bonding (& Building) Experience for the Whole Family!


“This is going to be fun….and awesome!” That directly from the mouth of my 5 year old son when we presented him the Lego board game, Minotaurus. Though he just started getting into Lego’s last year, they’ve taken over the top of his Christmas list this year. And while I love Lego’s and the creativity they encourage, sometimes it’s tough …

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Throw a Holiday Appetizer Party!

Martha Stewart I’m not, but my husband and I LOVE to entertain! Our favorite thing to do over the holidays is to host an appetizer party: that way no-one over indulges, you’re not slaving in the kitchen all day, AND it’s easier to have people bring a dish without having to ‘work it in’ to your menu. Another thing our …

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ChoozOn: Your Personal Deal Concierge

You all know I’m a deal queen, but I have to confess something to you: I’ve become sick and tired of sorting through all the deal emails I get each day! In fact, it got to be such a problem that I even started a new email address to avoid the hundreds upon hundreds of emails that kept flooding in. …

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