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Throw a Holiday Appetizer Party!

Martha Stewart I’m not, but my husband and I LOVE to entertain!

Our favorite thing to do over the holidays is to host an appetizer party: that way no-one over indulges, you’re not slaving in the kitchen all day, AND it’s easier to have people bring a dish without having to ‘work it in’ to your menu.

Another thing our friends love is when we give our guests a mini-cookbook as they leave with recipes to the appetizers we created. Then not only do they have a memory of the party, but they can re-create their favorite bites!

Some of our yummiest creations include Brie in filo cups with raspberry jam, Herb Goat Cheese spread, Ultimate Cheesy Bread bowl & Buffalo Chicken Dip (can you tell we love cheese???)

What about you – have you ever thrown an appetizer party? If not, would you consider it? And most importantly, what is your favorite appetizer? Let’s help each other have a yummy holiday season!