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A Life-Changing, Near-Death Experience


This morning my family experienced a life-changing, near-death experience: I learned three things as a result from this experience: 1. Decide what’s important 2. Prioritize around it 3. Put God & Family first! …but most importantly, I was reminded of this very important life and business lesson: Only say yes to what truly inspires you Praying for you and your …

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Life Happens in the Unexpected

I recently had the chance to catch up with my best friend from college. Even though almost 10 years had passed since we’d seen each other, we picked up right where we had left off! Over dinner with my husband and a friend of hers, the conversation quickly became reminiscent. Things were going beautifully until her friend asked, “So what’s …

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The difference a day makes

“God never tells us to do anything without giving us the ability to do it.” Joyce Meyer Yesterday I took a walk. It was the first walk I had taken a long time. I’m not saying a walk on the treadmill or just walking to and from the mailbox. I mean a walk around the neighborhood for the sole purpose …

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Living a Fully Charged Life

I think if we’re honest with ourselves, all of us would agree that we each seek to live a fully charged life. In fact, I challenge people everyday, whether through my blog, media outlets or individual conversations, to “maximize your memories and pursue your passions”. Yet when I was recently asked to read & review the book “The Charge” by …

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Bringing Dad Cone Home from the Hospital: June 11, 2012


First of all, let me say a big thank you to everyone who has offered prayers, tweets, phone calls, Facebook messages, meals and more for Dad Cone…they are noticed and greatly appreciated. When I walked into the hospital this morning, the front desk person that checks in all visitors commented with, “Rick must be really loved because he’s had more …

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Don’t Wait for Tomorrow to Live Your Best Life…

I don’t know what it is about 2012, but I’ve personally witnessed many circumstances that have reminded me just how brief life is. Events and relationships I once took for granted have dissipated before my eyes. But even if I hadn’t experienced these life-changing events, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been living a complacent life when it comes to …

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Week 3 Weigh In at Blue Sky MD

The long awaited results of my week 3 weigh in with Blue Sky MD are finally here! My life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD is in its third week and after losing almost 7 pounds the first week, I honestly expected better results since then, but it hasn’t quite turned out that way: Once again, I didn’t lose quite …

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Week 2 Weigh In at Blue Sky MD


My life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD is continuing strong, but you may find my week 2 weigh in a bit unexpected: Nothing happened! Here are the numbers for Week 2: Weight:   168.2 pounds (still) BMI:         27.2 Fat %:      37.9% (down 2 points) Waist:     (I learned that we wont measure again until week 4) Hips: So while I did …

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Life Lessons Learned from an Impromptu Press Conference


I didn’t want to day to end before I share some important life lessons learned from an impromptu press conference today. While my day started out with a mini-breakdown & crying spell, it ended with a press conference and photo opp with Dolly Parton! If I had known what I was getting into when I left the house today, I …

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Week 1 Weigh In at Blue Sky MD


Curious how my life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD is going? Check out my week 1 weigh in: That’s right! I lost 6.8 pounds in my first week with Blue Sky MD! Here are the numbers for Week 1: Weight:   168.2 pounds BMI:         27.2 Fat %:      39.6 Waist:     forgot to measure waist & hips this week! Hips: (You can …

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