Life Happens in the Unexpected

by Sami

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I recently had the chance to catch up with my best friend from college.

Even though almost 10 years had passed since we’d seen each other, we picked up right where we had left off! Over dinner with my husband and a friend of hers, the conversation quickly became reminiscent.

Things were going beautifully until her friend asked, “So what’s this I hear about cliff jumping in Greece?”

Oh no. Here we go.

Back track about 15 years prior when she and I decided to celebrate our college graduation with a trip backpacking through Europe for a month. Being more of a daredevil than myself, she kept prodding me to go bungee jumping, but I had promised her mother I would let her do no such thing.

But then we got to Greece.

There were no bungee jumping opportunities in Corfu, but there was the chance to jump off a 60 foot cliff into the clear, blue sea.

For some reason I thought this sounded much safer and I agreed.

Neither of us got terribly banged up from the cliff jumping itself, but when I went back in the water to retrieve the plastic flip flop she lost, I stepped on a sea urchin! 

With spines embedded in my heel, I hobbled around the rest of Greece and Italy reminded by the adventure that would live on in our minds forever!

Of course, looking back on it all these years later, it may not have been the wisest of decisions. However, if there is anything that reminds you how fully alive you are, it’s propelling yourself into the air, not knowing when the free-fall will end!

But now as a wife and mother, those things I didn’t think about as a teenager are the very things I need to deeply consider for the sake of my family.

In fact, we often take things like safety and insurance for granted. But it wasn’t until months after my husband changed jobs that we realized he no longer had life insurance! In fact, I hadn’t had life insurance since we moved to Nashville over 3 years ago!

We never want to think anything tragic will happen to us, but we can’t afford to wait until it does to protect our family.

When we recently moved houses, we made sure to purchase new home, auto and yes, even life insurance.

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Life Happens. And while you can’t control the future, you can take steps to protect the good things in life. Take a look around The LIFE Foundation website and learn more about how life insurance can help safeguard a secure financial future for those you love.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The LIFE Foundation. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Contest Rules

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