Week 1 Weigh In at Blue Sky MD

by Sami

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week-1-weigh-inCurious how my life transformation journey with Blue Sky MD is going? Check out my week 1 weigh in:

That’s right! I lost 6.8 pounds in my first week with Blue Sky MD!

Here are the numbers for Week 1:
Weight:   168.2 pounds
BMI:         27.2
Fat %:      39.6
Waist:     forgot to measure waist & hips this week!

(You can visit my first weight control post to find out my starting stats if you want to fill in your at-home game piece 😉

I have to be honest, week 1 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (or as everyone made it out to be). Sure, I had my moments of food boredom and fatigue (check out day 4), but fitting into clothes for the first time in a year more than made up for it! (Read day 3)

I am MORE than excited to let you know that not only do I get to increase my calorie and carb intake this week, but I can also add in all the fruits & veggies I found it so hard to avoid in week 1.

Now mind you, I still cannot eat starchy vegetables (corn, sweet potato, etc) and I have to watch the portions on some fruit (for instance, did you know just a half of a banana has 15 grams of carbs???), but I’ve already treated myself to a HUGE salad with cilantro, pecans and feta. YUM.

The most important thing I learned at this week’s weigh in was that yes, I was most likely a carb addict. While I didn’t indulge in a lot of bread or pasta, my favorite foods that I thought were healthy (honey, Greek yogurt, Kashi Go-Lean cereal, just to name a few) are actually VERY high in carbs; so it’s not that they’re not healthy, but I’ve learned I cannot consume them in unlimited amounts just because I deem them so.

Bottom line: this week I was counseled to make sure my carbs don’t exceed 10% of my calories. So even if I choose to indulge or cheat a little (which I haven’t yet – well, except for that feta stuffed mushroom that the Copper Kettle cooked when I was on Talk of the Town on Wednesday – it was SO worth it!), I just need to make sure the total carbs don’t exceed that 10% mark this week. Totally doable.

Another thing I’ve loved about Blue Sky MD is that I feel like a person and not a patient; an individual and not a number. Both of my appointments, I’ve been taken care of very promptly, but I’ve gone WAY over my budgeted appointment time (due to all MY questions)…yet never made to feel like I was being rushed or had to leave. I have been educated during every step of the journey by their team of nurses, dieticians and patient specialists. I actually look forward to going each week 🙂

I did finally make a decision about the natural hormone therapy, but I’ll tell you more about that this weekend. I did also take my front/side/back pictures again, but it’s hard to tell much of a difference right now, except from the side view. I’ve lost that puffy/bloated feeling that’s been hanging around for so long, so that’s a victory for me!weight-loss-side-viewWhat about you – have you called for your free consultation with Amanda yet? You won’t be sorry you did!


Just so you know, Blue Sky MD has agreed to waive my fee for the program in exchange for me documenting my journey online (like my own little reality show!). I am not getting compensated financially in any way and (obviously) these opinions are all my own.


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Amy January 15, 2012 - 12:49 pm

Like I said on Twitter–This is AWESOME!!! Way to go!!

sami January 17, 2012 - 10:56 am

Thanks so much Amy!!!

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