Living a Fully Charged Life

by Sami

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I think if we’re honest with ourselves, all of us would agree that we each seek to live a fully charged life. In fact, I challenge people everyday, whether through my blog, media outlets or individual conversations, to “maximize your memories and pursue your passions”.

Yet when I was recently asked to read & review the book “The Charge” by Brendon Burchard, I was initially skeptical. I wasn’t looking for a href=”” or href=”” book to add to my to-do list, but I decided to give it a chance and took it on a recent trip with me.

I’m glad I did.

The Charge” starts out with a simple yet profound message that sets the tone for the entire book and immediately captivated me: “This book is an unapologetic assault on boredom, distraction, mediocrity, withdrawal and living a href=”” life”.

What followed was author Brendon Burchard outlining his 10 href=”” that compose a ‘new framework for thinking about human motivation’, all the while, supporting his statement that ‘a Charged Life is a consciously designed existence that feels evenly engaged, energized, and enthusiastic.

I know, I know…it still sounds a little ethereal, doesn’t it?

But trust me, Burchard provides research and practical steps for leading such a life as eloquently as he outlines personal experience and motivational tips. I could barely get through a single page without turning down a corner, outlining a sentence, or re-writing a thought that I wanted to focus on in my own life.

Little did I know, I’d actually have the occasion to put some of these principles into practice so soon…

At the end of the very trip where I started reading the book, I found myself stuck in an airport for 12 hours thanks to Tropical Storm Debby. As we finally pulled away from the gate to take off many hours after our original schedule, I got a sinking feeling that perhaps I wasn’t meant to fly that day. Realizing there wasn’t much that I could do to stop the plane at that point, I paused to pray and immediately started writing a letter to my family in the back cover of the book:
20120702-075936.jpg I won’t burden you with the letter in its entirety, but at the time I started writing this letter to “my precious family” it was 10:35 at night and I had just finished reading page 83 of the book where I’d been asked to write 3 words about who I am and 3 words about how I treat others.

I started this exercise by originally coming up with adjectives that described myself in business, but then quickly realized that I can never be successful in business if I’m not first successful at home. This is an excerpt of what I wrote:
Instead of some of the words I originally thought of (leader, communicator, connector, entertaining), I began to think of words like ‘loving, consistent and loyal’. Above all, I want you to know you are loved by me, not because I tell you so, but because you feel it deep within your bones. I want you to be confident that I will be consistent with each of you in the manner Christ created me to be. And finally, I need you to know that I will always remain loyal to you and our family. You make me better each day just by being you and I count it such a privilege to be a part of your lives… Ultimately, regardless of what we hope to achieve in live, we have to envision it. As Burchard outlines in Chapter 8, “The Drive for Change”, the first step in making any change in life is to have “a defined vision for what you want to accomplish”. It may sound simple, but it is in fact very necessary. If we ever hope to achieve change in our lives, we must be bold!

And so, from a skeptic who didn’t think I needed one more book to tell me how to live my life, I now admit to you that I am grateful for this manual that does not dictate how to live, but instead has guided me through the process of challenging why I do what I do…and has inspired me to do it better!

How will you start living a Charged Life today?

Well now you won’t have to wait long to find out!

You can now order your free copy of The Charge today!

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