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Working Mom Wardrobe Workout – January 9, 2013


So I was presented with a dilemma when I awoke yesterday: Not only did I have to sit on an ‘expert’ panel to speak about social media to a leadership group, but I then had to stay out all day, conduct online meetings, get the tires changed, pick up the kids, wait for them at gymnastics and of course, go …

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Work where you spend


As you know, I started this site to help people maximize their money. While I’ve never made a lot of money in my life, I’ve found ways to work around my lack of funds…literally. My top advice for people who come to me complaining they can’t afford something they want is: Work Where You Spend. That’s right. If you like …

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Day 4 of Owning a Home: mudroom cleanup & bedroom paint

It’s Day 4 of owning our home and we’re still hard at work getting things cleaned up and painted. I’m focused on removing the wallpaper border from the mudroom, as well as debating if the color we chose for our two master bedrooms is going to work or not. The painting has started (ceilings first) and so mom and I …

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Home Ownership Day 3: Painting & Kitchen Cleaning

It’s Day 3 of home ownership for us and we’re already starting on painting and cleaning the kitchen! Yes, we are blessed that we have about a month before we have to be out of our old place, so we really want to do things right so that once our furniture is in, we’re done! The painting has started (ceilings …

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Day 2 of Budget Home Renovation: Painting Prep Video

It’s Day 2 of our budget home renovation and we’re moving right into painting prep! Because of our need for quick turnaround time, we’re bringing in our new friend Scott (of Pro Home Solutions) to help us paint, but we’re helping our budget by doing some of the prep work. We’ve always painted our homes ourselves with “oops” paint found …

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Dan Miller interview 48 Days from Work to Passion

I was invited to my first Tennessee Christian Chamber of Commerce meeting, and not long after I walked in, I was introduced to Dan Miller, author of 48 Days To The Work You Love. As someone who is always encouraging others to turn their passion into work, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask him a few questions! First, …

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