Answer This Before You Work or Stay Home with Your Kids

by Sami

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Before you decide to work or stay home with your kids, I have some questions I’d like you to answer.

Not only is it not expected or assumed that women will stay home once they have children today, it is actually the heart cry of many women who feel they cannot afford not to work.

I’ll admit, I’m not the “typical woman” (if there even is such a thing) when it comes to answering this question. I have always worked, though not always in the conventional sense.

Let’s face it, when we work in a field that aligns with our gifts and we are able to flex our mental muscles, we feel good about ourselves. There is typically an assigned task and clear expectations that result in praise, or at least payment, when completed effectively.

Again, none of this is true for parenting.

And yet, when I held that baby girl in my arms for the first time, I am mediately wondered how I would ever leave her side, even if only for a few hours at a time.

As much as I felt I had called to work, I also recognized I have been called to be a wife and a mother, and I was determined to figure out how to make those calling successfully coexist.

On paper, I had no idea how her little family would survive without my income, but upon further reflection, I realized I wasn’t looking at the whole picture clearly.

When I factored in what we were paying to have a second car, insurance, childcare, work outfit, gas and the light, I realized I was paying out almost as much as I was earning. Yet I was still hesitant to make the leap.

I was, in fact, able to come home for some time during that season of life, but I’ve also been careful since rejoining the workforce to align myself with jobs, brands and employers (when applicable) who recognize my family comes first. And when I do my job well, it only further reinforces why they hired me in the first place, not in spite of being a mom, but because of what being a mom has made me, both as a woman and as a worker.


So if you’ve been dreaming of staying home with your kids, believe me when I say, it is possible. Here are some practical questions to ask:

1. Are all debts paid off?

Or perhaps the better question is, “Can I pay off my debt if I stay at home with my kids?” Erin Odom, popular blogger and author of You Can Stay Home with Your Kids, promises that “you’ll feel so much freedom when the noose of unpaid loans, credit cards, medical bills and more is loosened, and you are able to pour one hundred percent of your income into your family’s current and future needs”. Once debts are paid off, you can use that money towards other goals, like staying home with your kids.

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So, are you ready to take the steps to stay at home with your kids? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. And don’t forget, you can order Erin Odom’s newest book, You Can Stay Home With Your Kids, right now to help you with your decision.

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