Good At What I Do

by Sami

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I’m good at what I do.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually the first to be self-critical. I can always find something I wish I would have said or done differently. But if I’m not going to believe in myself, who else will?

After I filmed 3 segments in 3 days in 3 different locations, I’ve come face to face with the reality that I know what my gifting is and I know when it’s time to hire others with different gifts.

Just because I CAN do something doesn’t mean I SHOULD do something.

I love to speak, write and teach (& help others to do the same). Where others create with canvas, music or food, words are my medium. I love bringing out the best in people and helping them communicate in new ways. I come alive when I get to look in a camera and share a new world with you.

So instead of apologizing for what I’m not good at, I’m going to focus on my calling.

If I can help you tell your story or champion you in your dreams, I’m here. Who’s ready to stand confidently with me today?

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